What 110 Degrees Feels Like

I’m a desert lover… never have been able to tolerate the humidity back east.  In fact… I feel like I’m going to suffocate when I go on a trip to Florida.  So, seeing as how it’s a “dry heat”  I thought I would show you just want that feels like.  Today was hovering aroud 108-110 degrees so I took the kids outside and we took some readings with our ultra cool infrared thermometer, yes, I’m a guy and love gadgets…

Inside the car it’s roughly 150 degrees… still not quite hot enough for cookies.  Here is a shot of the back of my wife’s car at a whopping 185 degrees.  We also drive ultra cool cars as you can see!



Here is a graph I found of how hot water can scald you and how long it takes… basically at 185 degrees, you’re talking about .2 or .3 seconds for a second degree burn.  Ouch!


No wonder the steering wheel creates the smell of burning flesh every time I grab it after going to the store… we weren’t made to live in this… but somehow we survive.

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