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We decided back in March that once wedding season was over and the heat set in we would be off to a happy place… somewhere other than Phoenix.  So our journey began with a stop in Greer, AZ after the wallow fire had done it’s damage.  We loaded sand bags and did all kinds of service, so needless to say it was the first time I’d ever lost weight while on a vacation (for the time being… more to come on that later).  My little home town of Eagar, AZ swells from a population of about 7 thousand (including Springerville) to what seems like 20 thousand just for the 4th of July.  It’s so much fun, with rodeo dances and a parade and even our own horse shoe competition.  The Wilson family took home the trophy this year…thanks in part to yours truly and I would trade every Christmas and Thanksgiving if I could have three fourth of July’s a year!  That would be sweet!

Then we took off to Midway, UT, a place I’d never been.  I felt like we should bust out in song (Sound of Music) as we wandered through Provo Canyon and crested out into the most beautiful little town.  We stayed with our adopted family (the one that let my wife eat all of their bagels every day when she was pregnant with our little boy) and every day was so relaxing.  Fishing, eating ice cream, making cookies, going to the dairy…and yes, that bottle of Raw milk was mine.  It reminded me of when I used to milk a cow every morning, the only difference was that I got to drink the milk and didn’t have to go out in the cold and hug a cow for 30 minutes.   Couple all of this with my wife’s wonderful cooking and you can see why I gained 9 lbs while we were vacationing!  Holy cow…9 lbs in 3 weeks.  That’s crazy!

Our last stop was Draper UT to visit my sister.  She has a pony named Dewey and he pulls a cart.  He LOVES it and the faster he goes the more him and the kids were in heaven.  Jerrae took the kids out for a spin and tried her hand a “Pony Carting” and she was really good at it!  While we were in Draper we hit up the Salt Lake Temple and I had my first “Sub Zero” ice cream (yes, another) as well as 2 trips to the BYU Creamery.  It was so much fun!   Between the alpine slide at Park City and the fishing among snow capped mountains I’d have to say it was a little slice of my heaven on earth.  The best part… spending undivided time with my kids and my beautiful wife.  That was the life!


Author: Chris

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  1. Chris, Looks like you had a great vacation…you deserve it. Love the rainbow picture…Have a great fall season. Heather said she had a great time at the Washington Wedding. The pics we awesome. If you come to the Mtn. come see us in Pinetop. See you at Kellen & Michael’s wedding in March.

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